This is the main index page of our docker images.

Some of these are available elsewhere but we've modified them. Usual things added are Lets Encrypt support to java or ensuring that the images work within an IPv6 network.

General purpose

HomepageDocker imagetagDescription
area51/alpinelatestAlpine Linux 3.3 with glibc and curl installed. This forms the base of all of our Alpine based images that require the GNU libc.
Javaarea51/javaserverjre-8Latest version of Java 8 suitable for most server side applications
jre-8Latest version of Java 8 JRE only
jdk-8Latest version of Java 8 JDK suitable for build environments.
area51/rpi-javaLatest version of Java 8 JDK for the Raspberry PI
area51/docker-clientlatestExtends area51/java:serverjre-8 and allows the image access (optionally) to access an external Docker server.

Development tools

The following images are suitable for software development.

The -dev images provide a full development environment with java, gcc and common source control systems preinstalled. They are suitable for use as a standalone Jenkins slave, with Netbeans as a C Build Host or dynamically provisioned with the CloudBees docker custom build environment plugin.

HomepageDocker imagetagJenkinsCloudBeesNetBeansDescription
Jenkinsarea51/jenkinslatestCurrent Jenkins server
Jenkins Slavearea51/jenkins-slavelatestYesJava 8 jenkins slave
Nexusarea51/nexuslatestNexus 3 repository
Alpine Devarea51/alpine-devlatestYesYesYes*Alpine development image
Debian Devarea51/debian-devlatestYesYesYes *Debian development image
Raspbian Devarea51/rpi-raspbian-devlatestRaspbian development image
Ubuntu Devarea51/ubuntu-devlatestYesYesYesUbuntu development image

Notes on columns:

  • Jenkins - Image supports running as a standard Jenkins slave
  • CloudBees - Image supports dynamic provisioning with the CloudBees plugin
  • NetBeans - Image supports running as a NetBeans C/C++ Build Host

Note: alpine-dev currently does not work with NetBeans and debian-dev only partially. This is being looked into but appears to be an issue within NetBeans 8.1.

Note: rpi-raspbian-dev is new and works on the command line. It's not yet been tested against Jenkins/CloudBees and currently doesn't have ssh support.


HomepageDocker imagetagDescription
RabbitMQarea51/rabbitmqlatestRabbitMQ server
PostgreSQLarea51/postgresqllatestPostgreSQL with IPv6 and extra configuration support
PostGISarea51/postgislatestPostGIS - PostgreSQL with PostGIS extensions installed
ThingSpeakarea51/thingspeaklatestThingSpeak IoT platform which runs