Please note: This is a work in progress. This api, although live, is still under development as it's going to be the new backend to the sites as they get rewritten, being the first to migrate.

As such there may be differences between the API and the documentation and it's advised not to rely on the output until it's been completed.

The unified rail API exposes the available data about the UK Rail network, ranging from static data sets, information about stations, signalling, timetables and departureboards.


  1. Conditions of use - Please read this first before using this API
  2. API Endpoints
    1. Reference data that changes infrequently
      1. CORPUS translate STANOX, TIPLOC, NLC, UIC and 3-alpha (CRS) codes to location descriptions
      2. Darwin reference data updated daily
        1. Cancel reasons
        2. Late reasons
      3. NapTAN rail subset containing locations on the rail network
      4. SMART translate Signal berth transitions to arrivals & departures
    2. RTPPM Real Time Public Performance Measure
    3. Search stations by name, crs/3Alpha, TIPLOC or PostCode
    4. Station display information about a station
      1. boards Live departure boards
      2. feature GeoJSON Feature for a station
      3. features GeoJSON Feature Collection for all UK stations
      4. location Details about the station
      5. messages Live messages about disruption at a station
      6. operator Information about the operator managing a station
    5. TD Real Time Train Describers
      1. Areas Returns a list of active Train Describers
      2. Area The current status of an individual Train Describer
        1. Berths Current berth occupancy for an individual Train Describer
        2. Signals Current S-Class signal status
      3. Latency The current feed latency statistics