The project provides a suite of API's to provide access to the various datasets available on the system, ranging from static data & map tiles to real-time like tracking trains on the UK rail network.

Most of these are freely available, although some may have some caveats like licensing restrictions etc. Some require registration and an access key requested to gain access.

Any other API's exposed on our API Gateway that is not listed here is not for public consumption and using them is not permitted without prior permission, regardless of their access policy.

API Index

The following table shows the currently available API's that are for public use.

railProvides access to live UK Rail data feedsBeta
shorturlOur Short URL/Memo serviceLive
twitterHandles Twitter accessLive

Status Legend: Free Requires Key Unavailable

Client support

Any client that supports HTTP/2, HTTP/1.1 or HTTP/1.0 over either IPv4 or IPv6 is supported.

You must use (unless otherwise specified) the domain to access these services.

HTTPS is supported only on clients that support Support Server Name Indication (SNI)